YeePeeDee Production Studio L.L.C. is a studio
that Produces and creates TV Shows, Documentaries and Movies, through various styles.
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We offer the following services:


  • Online and at location Classes for Children, Certified and Diploma Classes for Teens and Adults.

  • TV and Movie Production.

  • Video Editing.

  • Video Guides.

  • Educational Videos.

  • Promotional Videos.

  • Explanatory Videos.

  • Special Effects

  • 2D, and 3D Character, Props, and Background
    Animation for TV, Movies, and Businesses.

  • Claymation

  • Maquettes and Models

  • Animated Business Branding

  • Motion Graphics

  • Infomercials

  • Business Presentations

  • Whiteboard Animation


We believe in developing the vision that best express your views and what you are about.
We do this by first listening to you, then creating your vision until we both can agree.


Fun as well as being creative, and hard working are a few of our core ingredients.



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