Fulfill your destiny of being a producer, animator, or maybe you would like to have a creative video of a special memorable event you took pictures or video of. You have contacted the right team of people. With a combined source of years of experience in many areas of production, we at YeePeeDee Production Studio will bring out the best in your project and help your visions come alive. Small projects we welcome; major screen projects, we love them. Contact us today and get your production started.


We offer the following services:


  • TV and Movie Production.

  • Video Editing.

  • Online and at location Classes for Children, Certified and Diploma Classes for Teens and Adults.

  • Educational Videos.

  • Promotional Videos.

  • Explanatory Videos.

  • Family and Wedding Videos

  • Special Effects

  • 2D, and 3D Character, Props, and Background
    Animation for TV, Movies, and Businesses.

  • Claymation

  • Maquettes and Models

  • Animated Business Branding

  • Motion Graphics

  • Infomercials

  • Business Presentations

  • Whiteboard and Blackboard Animation

  • Audio and Music

  • Video Revision Editing




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