YeePeeDee Production Studio LLC. For Movie, TV, Commercials, and Video Game Production. Offering Classes in these areas. Radio Station. TV Shows. Documentaries. Educating, Building Families, Communities and the World in a positive way is what YeePeeDee Production Studio LLC ® is about. Owner JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox.

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We educate people on various topics such as abuse at home ( men, women and children, as well as pets);violence in the school system, bullying and how to overcome it; hunger, poverty, autism, handling your finance, and more. We do this in hope to make healthier, and better families, communities and world.
YeePeeDee Production Studio LLC educates by the TV Shows, Movies, and Documentaries, we create, write, and produce online and at various TV Stations in the United States. We also create and post vital learning materials on this website, as well as interview experts on the subject during one of our radio shows. We also go out into the community to donate our time, and a percentage of the donation that was donated to us by our sponsors.
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