"How to Capture Your Audience Attention."

In any production ( film, TV, Commercials, Documentaries) it
is important to capture your audience attention.
but first you must know the audience you are trying to
reach. Watch this video to get an idea.

YeePeeDee Production Studio LLC.
Free Event #2 " How to Edit Your Video."

This is the completed production. Please see below this the steps that were taken to create this production. It shows that even though you may make a recording error, you can redo it, until you get it right.

Watch this video for step by step visual instructions on "How To Edit Your Video".

How to Create 2D Animation.

In this Free Class taught by JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox you will learn the basics of 2D Animation. Keep in mind that this method of teaching is from scratch, there are no templates, or automatic generation used. You will be taught the very basics of LIP Sync, and Eye Ball Movement frame by frame. This method of what I am teaching you can be used in Harmony and Adobe Animate as well. The advance method of lip sync involves expressing emotions, same with the eyes. I only teach the intermediate and advance in my paying classes which are very affordable. Mean while keep practicing parcticing the basics, this way you can get the process foundation perfect. In TRUE animation ( not the templates, already made models, etc.), perfect practice makes perfect.

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