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Now Featuring. Watch the Mini Documentary of the TV Show "Together Against School Violence" Produced by YeePeeDee Production Studio, a JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox Production.

Watch the YeePeeDee Production Studio LLC mini Documentary series about School Violence starting here online at YeePeeDee Production Studio LLC Tuesday March 13, 2018. The full Documentary and TV Show Series about School Violence series will be this Fall 2018 on TV Stations in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida, and other stations across the United States that will be announced. These TV Shows, Documentaries and Articles are Written, Created, Directed, Edited, and Produced by JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox of which she is also the Executive Producer. JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox is now working things out so that the shows can be seen overseas. We will keep you updated.

Too many people picture that when you mention abuse they see a man beating on a woman. Any abuse is unfortunate, but the reality of it is many men get abused by women as well. Any abuse being physical, mental, verbal, sexual, or even self inflicting abuse is not healthy for anyone. Abuse affects your home life, your community, your work environment and even helps cause abuse and violence in the school system. In articles, documentaries, and radio interviews, written, created and produced by YeePeeDee Production Studio, and the owner JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox, we will discuss in more detail, how you, your family, and love ones can help decrease the level of abuse and violence that are in our society today. We will also inform you and give some solutions about other concerns such as Diabetes, Autism, Down Syndrome, Growing and Protecting your Finances, and much more. Please keep coming back, we have a lot to share, think about and do.

Know that you and your children are precious.

Financial crisis comes and goes here in the United States. Yes, we are better off than some countries, but because of many reasons, the ups and downs of life, or simply mismanaging our money, we find ourselves in the hole. We suffer and our families suffer. This means that many families are under severe financial stress. It is horrible to imagine not having a secure place to live, worrying about how to keep where you live warm while your children are freezing themselves to sleep. Worrying about how to feed yourself and your children because your food stamps were mismanaged the month before, or the government decided to put off on giving you food stamps even though you deserve it. Anger and resentment builds up against the family members who do not want to help, or can not help, or are not trust worthy to be around them to receive help. Anger builds up against the government, the churches, and the world. You feel abandoned. Anger builds up against yourself, then it finally, and unjustifiably builds up against your love ones. Anger, Anger, Anger. Shame, Shame, Feeling Hopeless, Feeling Helpless. Then you for some reason find the little bit of money to drink alcohol, take drugs. Then you start stealing and selling things to get high. Then you start selling yourself ( female or male), then you reached the true bottom and start selling your children. Through it all, who is looking? Who is watching, caring? Who is still having some small belief in you , and love because you are their Mommy, or their Daddy. Who still has a slight light in their eyes, like a flicking candle that is about to go out? The only true miracle of a blessing that God gave you that you can not replace. God gave to you to protect, teach, and grow to be an independent, great happy spirit, fully functional, empowered adult of their own rights. Who? Your children, of whom you owe this to and much more. God ordained you to be their protector, their providing, their nourisher. In order to do these things, you must grow to be a healthier, stronger adult of your own. You must grow to heal, and keep growing to be a better person for yourself, but mostly a better person for your children and grandchildren to come. You were ordained by God to have a legacy that must be build the healthiest happiest way that can be. I am not talking about religion taking over your family, calling yourself doing God's will. I am talking about YOU, whether you believe in God or not. He has given you something amazing that no one else can be, and that is YOURSELF, and then YOUR CHILDREN. So treat yourself precious, and valuable. Treat your children even more precious and valuable, because you are, and they most certainly are too.

There are many people in this world who have diabetes. In most part of the world having diabetes is considered so chronic
where the government automatically gives you benefits. Then in some places like the United States, you have to fight for benefits, which causes more harm, for part of the problem with diabetes is stress. Stress makes diabetes worse.
There are several kinds of diabetes of which we will educate you on in our articles, and short documentaries. The two most known are Type 1 and Type 2. As of today there is no known cure for Type 1. By reading our articles and watching our documentaries we at YeePeeDee Production Studio and its' owner pray that you will be able to have a better life despite having diabetes, and possibly heal from this chronic illness.

What do I do about my finances? Well, it all depends on your choices. Yes, you do have many choices.
Watch YeePeeDee Production Studio Articles, and short documentaries from professionals who were and still are in the field of finance.
Also get educated on people who are not professionals persa in the field , but successfully managed their finance to live the life style they desire to live. You do not have to be stuck, or stressed out about your life because of your finances. YeePeeDee Production Studio is here to hopefully help, or at least give you an insight on what to do.

Having Autism, or having a child who is autistic can be a challenge because most of us do not know how to communicate with them. We do not understand how to, and sometimes it may seem hopeless. BUT if we study, and look at Autism in a different way, we will find that it will be quite rewarding for the autistic child, as well as ourselves. I will be writing a lot of articles, creating shows, sharing the opinions of experts, as well as sharing videos that will help us all to understand autism and closing the communication gap that keeps us apart. Most if not all autistic children and adults are brilliant in one area or more, so keep coming back to learn, and share.

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